Reach for the Sky

I woke up this morning to a song by Hillsong United @hillsongunited, "Reach for the Sky".  Last night I was up late coding, which is what I do as a release and when I woke up, I had a huge smile of on my face as I listened to "Reach for the Sky", I strive to reach for the sky in everything I do.  A feeling of accomplishment, peace and motivated by the Holy Spirit, there is nothing better than that. I figure I would like to share with you all the rules I try to live by. Ten rules I try to live by:

1. Be and embrace honesty: Never lie to yourself nor believe or repeat Satans lies. Be humble, have honest self evaluation and have impeccable integrity and honesty with everyone else.  Similar to how aloevera juice clenses and heals the body, humble honesty is like food for your soul.

2. Be reliable: I am a man of my word, I finish what i start, I do what I say I am honestly going to do and I make sure that others trust is not for granted; for I strive to meet the needs others have for me when they expect it with honest conviction.

3. Work hard: I don't stop when I am tired, i stop when I am done. Too often, we fail to achieve our objectives because we don't plan our work and work our plan. But if you notice, "WORK" is used twice in that statement. I try to be honest with myself about what I want to do, I am reliable with myself about the goals I desire to achieve.

4. Be kind: Kindness is not in words, but in action. I try to be kind by being honest with people, being reliable to people and working hard to serve others.

5. Striving for excellence: Excellence is only achieved when I am a man of integrity, reliable, hard working and kind along the way.  Your body is made up of the exercise you do and what you put into your body; integrity and hardwork is like food for your soul.

6. Going above and beyond expectations: I try to go above and beyond expectations by not conforming to the standards of others but a standard of excellence. Not being just kind, but LOVING. Not working hard but smarter by continuously improving myself, not being just reliable with the things others expect of me but but doing more than what's expected. 

7. Spend less than what I earn: Spending less than what I earn means more than being wise with my money and spending less money than i earn; it means giving more than you receive. When you pour into others, GOD pours into you! For me, it means giving more than what's expected of me, giving more than what others give me and even giving of myself where there appears to be no more to give. I call this faith giving. I save what I don't spend like Jesus and the Disciples did with the bread and fish. I do this so I have more of my time, money and love to give away, expecting nothing in return because GOD keeps me.

8. Enjoy life, I always try to laugh and enjoy life; joy comes from GOD and is not dependent on material things but on gratitude and the GODs holy spirit..

9. Be faithful. I strive to be faithful, humble, hopeful in everything I do.

10. And finally, LOVE Unconditional. To love unconditional requires faithful humility to GOD and this I strive to do.


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