Astrology connects us all in ways we don't even realize

The Sopdet is observable When looking south, and is the easiest means of the measurement of time in a single year between its helical cycle, which makes up the Sopdet year. The rising occurs within a month or so of the beginning of the Nile flood. The Ancient Egyptians followed both a 365-day star calendar and a lunar calendar for religious and weather prediction purposes. The Egyptians used the lunar cycles, equinox calculations, the Polaris star and solar calendar to accurately predict eclipses, weather patterns and this allowed them to prepare for various seasonal events.

To the north is the observable Polaris star, that appears to travel in a small circle due to a motion of Earth called procession, which causes our axis to trace out an imaginary circle on the celestial sphere every 25920 years. Thousands of years ago, when the pyramids were rising from the sands of ancient Egypt, the North Star was an inconspicuous star called Thuban.  This celestial sphere coincides with and is a cross reference for measuring the equinox, (the wobble cycle of the earth as it rotates over time).

The Egyptians are responsible for the discovery of the precision of the equinoxes, the circumference and spiracle shape of the earth and the lunar gravitation pull of the moon on the oceans.  The equinox refers to the very slow, cyclic changes in the coordinates of the fixed stars that takes place with a period of about 25,920 years.


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