Wisdom of the Ages: The Universe is Connected to our Personal Experience

Imagine the earth spinning, then earth spinning around its orbit of the sun, our sun spinning around its orbit of our galaxy and then our Galaxy spinning around a black hole. If you consider the black hole being a point by which time and space breaks into infinite dimensions and possibilities, this all circles back to our perspective of time and how we define it.

Yes, this is the AD calander "New Years" day, but if we for one minute only imagine all that goes into the creation of this day, every day, over and over again in a big machine we call this universe, I must declare, that this is one of the AMAZING DAYS that we live every day and that is relative to what contribution we make to our entire visible universe!

The greedy rich man and the bitter poor man are both greedy, bitter, ungrateful, selfish, ungraceful, harsh, and follows every whim of Satan's negative temptations and lies. Should the greedy rich man lose everything he has, becoming poor and desolate, he becomes bitter and tormented with vengeful grief. Should the bitter poor man gain everything the world has to offer, they become greedy, yet longing for more and tormented with the dreadful fear of losing what they have. In humility, grace and love you can find happiness in both rich or poor circumstances. 

The humble are never rich nor poor, for when they are rich in material possessions, their humble spirit keeps them grateful and noble, as if they were poor. For the possessions they have, they know are blessings from GOD for their use. For when they are poor and have nothing, they are rich in spirit and attitude for they lead the same happy and joyous lives as if they were rich. The JOY of the humble has nothing to do with this world for the humble are joyful no matter what possessions they have or hardships they experience.  

With that said, the same cycles the universe goes through, we go through a similar cycle in our personal lives.  This Song by Jonathan Mcreynolds  hits home how the spiritual battles we face every day are similar to the yin and yang, the eb and flows of life!  There is a season for everything under the sun, which season are you in?  And what season do you WANT to be in?  GOD Bless, Happy New Years!  Read Part 1 or Part 2


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