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Reach for the Sky

I woke up this morning to a song by Hillsong United @hillsongunited, "Reach for the Sky".  Last night I was up late coding, which is what I do as a release and when I woke up, I had a huge smile of on my face as I listened to "Reach for the Sky", I strive to reach for the sky in everything I do.  A feeling of accomplishment, peace and motivated by the Holy Spirit, there is nothing better than that. I figure I would like to share with you all the rules I try to live by. Ten rules I try to live by:
1. Be and embrace honesty: Never lie to yourself nor believe or repeat Satans lies. Be humble, have honest self evaluation and have impeccable integrity and honesty with everyone else.  Similar to how aloevera juice clenses and heals the body, humble honesty is like food for your soul.

2. Be reliable: I am a man of my word, I finish what i start, I do what I say I am honestly going to do and I make sure that others trust is not for granted; for I strive to meet the needs oth…