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Happy New Years

Happy New Years! Good morning world, Welcome 2017 and Thank you GOD! For this new year, I want to demarcate a reality check. Today is really 23 Tahsas (April in Amaharic) 2009. The Months and Days by which we record time is a relative choice in mathematical demarcation of the astronomical patterns of a star observed by the Egyptians called Sopdet. The Sopdet cycle, is a period of 1,461 ancient Egyptian years (of 365 days each). During a Sopdet cycle, the 365-day year loses enough time that the start of the year once again coincides with the helical rising of the Sopdet star.
From the mid-northern latitudes such as most of the U.S., Sopdet rises in the southeast, arcs across the southern sky, and sets in the southwest. In December, you’ll find Sopdet rising in mid-evening. By mid-April, Sopdet is setting in the southwest in mid-evening.  Sopdet is always easy to find. It’s the sky’s brightest star! Plus, anyone familiar with the constellation Orion can simply draw a line through Orion…